Introducing the “PL-BLU Series” Anti-Blue Light Vision Screen Protector / Filter.

This product is designed to filter out the most detrimental blue light and ultraviolet (UV) light from sources in working and living environments.

Our anti-blue light protector / filter has been subject to thorough testing. It has been proven to be effective in filtering up to 99.99% of harmful blue light and UV light, significantly reducing the long-term risk of eye diseases.


‘A protective screen lens structure for a computer and a television contains: a light resistance layer including a color portion and an anti blue-ray portion connecting together so as to resist purple lights and blue lights… to prevent macular degeneration.’ - Recognitions and Certifications



Testing has been conducted by independent third party authorities and products conform to all relevant applicable guidelines and standards.

Our anti-blue light screen protectors / filters will bring you peace of mind, knowing that the harmful portion of blue light and UV light is being prevented from entering your eyes.


Introducing the “BLP-PETAG Touchscreen Series” Anti-Blue Light Vision Screen Protector / Filter.



Our Anti-Blue Light Screen Filter protects your precious vision from subtle damages

that can be caused by exposure to detrimental blue-light.


By using this product, the benefits are extended to your family members and you can be assured

they are having the same protection level of high standard.



Effectiveness of Fiara filters against harmful blue-light

mg-3889-lower.jpg  mg-3891-lower.jpg 
Under Light! under DARK!


      1. We are now demonstrating the effectiveness of Anti-blue Light Screen Protector / Filter between Fiara and other companies, which claimed have high efficiency on filtering harmful blue light.
      2. Test under light.
      3. Filter sample from Fiara (left) and Company A (right).
      4. When the beam from blue laser pen goes through each filter, you can see how the blue-light filtered.
      5. Test under dark.
      6. Fiara Anti-blue Light Screen Protector / Filter proved to be able to filter most blue-lights out of all the samples.
      7. Following comparison is between Fiara (Left), Anti-blue light lens (middle, one of leading brand from Europe), and without protection.



Actual Spectrometer Tested Result | PL-BLU Series Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector / Filter




Actual Spectrometer Tested Result | BLP-PETAG Series Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector / Filter



Filter Dimension - PL-BLU Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector / Filter Series (Click for details)web-filter-specification-updated-2019-07-18-01-wm-updated-1.jpg