I would like to thank you for introducing this anti-bluelight screen to me. The effect has been notably positive. I used to experience severe asthenopia (eye strain), particularly in my left eye as I have a slightly lazy right eye. This in turn led to constant headaches whenever I was at my desk at work.

However, since the screens have been installed (and I love how easy they are to mount!), my headaches have not returned, and my eyes have adjusted very comfortably to working at my desk so that I no longer feel the need to shut them every so often – the pain and discomfort has disappeared.

Thank you.

Tessa Shaw | 11 OCT 2013 - Melbourne Law School, The University of Melbourne, Australia


We have been using the filters for 2 months now, on our PC’s & iPads.

There are 30 of us using the screens, we  all love them, they have made a huge difference to us, no more sore eyes, & everything on the screen is sharper & clearer.

I would recommend that anyone who uses a computer screen or iPad, to get one of these filters.

It is great to know that we are looking after our eyes all day whilst at work.

Melissa Irwin - Office Manager | 14 MAY 2014 - Wholesale Wine Services, Australia
I have noticed a big difference since my filter has been installed, I am finding that I do not need to wear my glasses as much and my eyes don’t get as tired as they used to.
Thank you once again for providing this service to our Business.
Lisa George - HR Manager | 25 Sep 2013 - Blue Illusion, Australia


This filter was a great thing to have. It gave some relief to my eyes/ reduced tiredness; and what i expected as a regular all the time computer user.

Sanath Kumara - Accountant | 25 Sep 2013 - Blue Illusion, Australia


I feel good knowing that i am protecting my eyes for the long term. You don’t even notice the screen – it doesn’t get in the way! Really easy to adjust to your liking.

Lyn Gowin - Fashion Designer | 25 Sep 2013 - Blue Illusion, Australia


I have recently installed Fiara screen to my Led HD TV. I found that it help to avoid eye fatigue. There is anecdotal evidence, from my personal experience, it diminishes the frequency of occurrence of ocular migraine.
The screen does not distort nor impair the sharpness of the images on TV.
It is a very good and valuable product.

Tak Hui - Medical Imaging Technologist | 20 JUL 2015 - Australia



Love it! Now I feel safer working on my computer now that my eyes are protected from the blue rays. I know not everyone knows yet about the dangers of blue rays, but please educate yourself about it, especially with the use of iPads, iPhones at a younger age. My computer use was the only culprit to explain my early signs of macular degeneration in my eyes. So I hope everyone buys this for their computers and other electronic devices. Do not just get a screen for glare protection…you need it to makes a great quality screen!

Cheryl Cudiamat - United States



Just a quick email to say how very pleased I am with the screen filter. In the UK you can’t buy anything this. I have had cateracts don e and worried about the health of the back of the eye being affected by blue light so to have a screen like this makes me feel better a bout looking in to computers. Many thanks and what a quality product. Delivery was really swift as well. Kindest regards.

Jane Sewell-Watts - United Kingdom