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MS-K060 Acrylic Monitor Stand (W520 x H60 x D230mm; Stand Thickness 8.0mm)

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Product Information

Key Features: MS-K060 & MS-K080

Design to store a keyboard under the stand for desktop space saving.

Man-made from 8.0mm thick of premium grade PMMA (Acrylic).

The product made as in one piece with no joint with soft corners and finishing throughout.

Heavy Loading bearing, able to sustain up to 20~25kg.

Conforms to RoHS compliant (Copy of test report can be viewed upon request).

Stylish, environmental concern and functional.

Note: Most other plastic monitor stands on the market are assembled by pieces of plastic with very short life.



 MS-K060 & MS-K080





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Currencies preference is available from top drop down selection: USD, AUD, CAD, EURO & GBP Actual Stand Weight: 2.20kg ~ Package/Shipping Dimension (cm) ~
Width: 58.00
Height: 10.00
Depth: 30.00
GTIN: 0741271349664
MPN: MS-K060

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