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Fiara Anti-blue Light Screen Filter/Protector | Fits 15.6" inch most General LED/LCD Laptop; W364 x H229mm; UV & HEV Blue Light Protection is PROVEN/VERIFIED to protect eye vision by INNOVATION PATENT AUSTRALIA

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Buy 1 x PL-BLU 15.9 (Fits to 15.6" inch laptop) + 1 x FREE BLP-PETAG 15.6 (Fits to 15.6" inch laptop) Touch Series Anti-Blue Light Screen Filter !!!

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Enjoy our exclusive DUAL Protection: up to 99% at 380nm ~ 410nm & up to 47% reduction of harmful blue light at PEAK point 450nm/460nm (±10nm), filtration tested result shown in product gallery.

Key Features:

  • HEV Blue Light Protection is Patented by IP (Innovation Patent) Australia, Tested and Verified by Australian Independent Testing Authority, SGS Taiwan & complied with RoHS compliant standard. Block up to 99% harmful blue-light emitted by LCD/LED devices (LED TV & Desktop Monitor),
  • Emphasising in prevention of ACTUAL artificial harmful blue-light (HEV) from 420nm ~ 460nm generated from most electronic LCD/LED monitors, Not like other general/similar products described in the wavelength of 380nm~480nm with average ONLY! There are less critical harmful blue-light source can be found in 380nm ~ 400nm,
  • Prevent minor eye diseases, such as early development of Myopia, Presbyopia (Blurry vision), Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), Dry Eye, Red eye syndrome, and Eye fatigue,
  • Significantly reduce your risk to severe eye diseases that lead to total blindness - namely Cataract and Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD),
  • Reduction in harmful blue-light exposure will enhance sleeping quality, prevention of skin disease and increase work productivity,
  • Maintain high quality images. The majority of color is well preserved for your visual sensation. The intensity of images are also enhanced, &
  • Fits most general 15.6" inch LED/LCD Laptop: Filter Specification - PL-BLU 15.9, W364 x H229 x D22mm x Thickness 2.0mm.
  • Bonus filter carry bag included.


Light that is visible to the human eye is referred to as visible light and classified as in HEV (High Energy Visible Light) and LEV (Low Energy Visible Light). It comprised of the following colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

However, invisible light, such as ultraviolet light is undetectable to human eye, that is why we have sunglasses protection to our vision. How about vision detectable blue-light (380nm ~ 460nm~500nm) & particularly artificial harmful blue-light (420nm ~ 460nm)? 

Medical researches as early as 2001 had already determined continuous exposure to HEV blue-light (wavelength in the 380 – 480 range) will seriously damage our retina. Later years of 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016 on medical, scientific, technology news have further identified and clearly stated the actual harmful blue-light wavelength range that could damage our vision is from 420nm ~ 460nm, ±10nm, in the visible color spectrum, which most likely can be found in our daily use LCD/LED screen display devices. This has been proved to be most harmful to the eyes because it has similar or even serious impact to our precious vision just like ultraviolet (UV) light (10nm ~ 380nm) does.

The interval of this wavelength exhibits colors between indigo (420nm) and blue (460nm), might able to causes artificial blue-light hazard on the retina.

Therefore, in contemporary times, humans frequently stress their eyes by staring at those LCD/LED display screens or reading at close ranges for long periods of time, resulting in eye fatigue, blurry vision, myopia progression, dry eyes, and sore eyes. Exposures to artificial blue light (420nm ~ 460nm) easily results in visual impairment, especially inflicting age-related macular degeneration (AMD) or macular degeneration (MD). 

There is NO CURE for AMD & MD today! Prevention is better than CURE!


※ Copy of FULL test reports/ certificates/ recognitions can be viewed upon request.


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Height: 3.40
Depth: 25.90
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MPN: PL-BLU 15.9
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PL-BLU 15.9

This is my second purchase , 1 UNIT BLP-PETAG 15.6, 1 UNIT PL-BLU 24 AND 1 UNIT PL-BLU 15.9 for my best friend birthday gift. They arrived promptly and in good condition. Thank you for FIARA SERVICE TEAM remind me the buy 1 free 1 offer.